The Underestimated Lifeline

A morning in Darjeeling. The Travelling Tripod stumbled upon something, A train of thoughts arrived.

We take things for granted, It’s in human nature. We often fail to appreciate the value of something which is easily available. Even if in future, we setup the housekeeping on Mars, we need to recreate the things we take for granted often, such as Patatos and the Sun. (You’ve heard it right) We rarely stop to see those Atmospheric Optics.  It’s like the booting process of the computer which makes everything in that machine operable. It triggers a rapid changes in the pace of life of each and every [non]carbon based life forms. I guess that’s why we call it a new day.

It‘s very lucky , The Tripod is the instrument to capture the light better by standing still and catching photons that causes a molecule of retinal to react by change from Cis to trans isomer. Now there is a star, 149.6 million km away making life possible on our planet. Why not just stop everything for a while and pay the due respect it deserves.

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