An Open Letter to the “Gormint”

Dear Gormint,

First of all, I would like to put this clear that I don’t belong to any political party. I have absolutely no political/ideological stand as I am just a tripod, struggling to stand myself. But I just couldn’t stop myself talking about it, as I am a part of the system as well.

Today, I read the news about GST, I didn’t care about other things much but it shook me to the core that 18% rate is slapped on the most common, massively consumed by poor population of the country and the safest and nutritious biscuits to even feed babies and sick people, The Glucose Biscuits.

I wish if Swiggy could pick-up food from Sansad Bhawan Canteen and deliver it to us. Even if a Swiggy delivery guy takes an Uber, a lot of people will be happy because faster delivery and the bill would still be lighter because you get Mutton Biryani for Rs. 60, chapati for Rs. 2 and Dal for Rs. 5 in your canteen. You should thank us someday, to have one meal in the cheapest restaurant, we pay more in tax than your complete meal Dear Gormint. Swiggy, bro please correct me if I am wrong.

I fail to understand why the policy makers of India can’t see what is so wrong about it, Don’t they know for the fact despite no major marketing, or makeover Parle-G is India’s biggest selling biscuits since Independence. It is a life saviour for millions of families living below poverty line, and not just them but almost all middle-class families have it in their house, and common men working their aff off can quickly have it with Chai to survive the day. Ask any Chaiwala if you don’t trust me. There is no need for obvious numbers and graphs to be thrown about it.

Well, I want you to listen to the person who gave you a “Vote”. I hope it still matters to you. As we can see, read, deduce, have an opinion and live in the 21st century unlike you people sitting in Sansad Bhawan. it’s true that you are the majority in Parliament House, that doesn’t necessarily mean you represent the majority of India.

We kept quiet for a long time when you made huge promises to the country and formed a government in 2014. But in last 3 years, all you did is to start controlling what we cook in our kitchen, judged us on the basis of what part of the face we shave, your pet underdogs lynched us on streets, kept us standing in ATM lines for hours for our own hard earned money. I can just go on but that’s not going to help. Because now you also know how SEO works very well. It’s not so hard to murder the truth and fabricate a whole new propaganda. Your algorithm is opensource:

First: Create content that subtly masks the truth.
Second: Shape that content into something people will share.
Third: Make it identical, and make a ton of it.
Fourth: Flood the internet with that content.
Fifth: Flood the internet with that content.
Six: Flood the Ducking internet with that content.


So Dear Gormint, please STOP before we take this in our hand. But it’s just we are too busy filing taxes, applying for Aadhar cards, filing RTIs, waiting for media to make sense of a change and what not. Sometimes it’s okay to listen to someone else’s “Mann Ki Baat”. And if not us, try listening to the mother who can’t afford to buy cereal so she crashes a few Parle-G in milk and feed her baby.


P.S. Sorry for typos, blame the autocorrect.

Baby Parle-G added later: “I can’t even count till 18, I got only 10 fingers”


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