The remains of Oont Kadal

The remains of Oont (Camel) Kadal (Bridge) lies in the middle of the Dal Lake, Built in the times of the ruler Shah Mir Sultan in the Mughal era. The bridge is situated in a way that all the Mughal gardens, Especially Nishaat Baagh align with it and continue across it to the Hari Parbat Fort, which rises above the city. The agricultural terraces and the pavilions and all other historic monuments/gardens on both the side of the bridge composes an uninterrupted spectacular view.

When you take a Shikara (Boat) ride to the bridge from Nishaat Baagh, you’ll find yourself gradually moving away from all the noise, broken promises, shattered hearts, the rage of the oppressed and tyranny of the Government, it all turns into a blissful silence. You could just fix your eyes on to Pir Panjal, the ancient peaceful city starts to emerge in the glistening water of Dal. One of my friend from Sri Nagar who made it to Oont-Kadal countless times, call it a Time Machine, and I totally get it why.

The Humpback Bridge (Oont Kadal)
A Shikara Walah, Dal Lake
Harigarh Fort, Srinagar


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