The 100 years old postcards

The annual ritual of cleaning/painting/fixing and replacing old stuff with the new one is going on as the Diwali is getting closer. We have had a collection of some of the very old books, mostly bought by my great-grandfather and my grandmother. The books are mouldering so I decided to do a re-binding. I was astounded when I saw these postcards kept inside the books, maybe just to use them as a bookmark. One was kept inside Ramayana (13-14 September 1923) and the other one inside the Mahabharata (20-22 August 1915). Both these books were printed at Geeta Press Gorakhpur. Although the ink is quite faded, some parts of it still readable. The first one mentions all the name of the people the book was gifted to, mostly the friends, cousins and the senior workers at my grandpa’s shop and farm. The other one is what my grandmother’s father had posted along with the Mahabharata, there are strict instructions given in this one “NOT to keep the Mahabharata inside the kitchen, bedroom or any place of worship.”





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