Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

One plate Anda-Maggi and 2 cups of chai felt heavenly in -4 degrees Celcius. The Sela lake was almost entirely frozen. it was taken over by some seasonal ice-sport enthusiasts at the moment. we managed to find this isolated frozen waterfall sheltered by steep mountains. My wife breathes a sigh of relief, at least heavy chilled wind not gushing through my ear, she says. We gulped down a bit of Arak that our friend Tenzin generously gave us as a goodbye gift when we started our next phase of the journey from Dirang to Tawang. This homemade corn brew is to keep them warm through the harsh winters. It did work magically for us too.

Sela lake, Partially covered by the shadow of the mountain towards the west side of it. I tried my best to frame it avoiding the crowd there.

A man carrying firewood before the sunset.

A house in Sangti valley, tucked in a hill surrounding forest in a way that you find absolute peace. there is a narrow almost invisible street that leads to the house. We missed the turn several times.

Sometimes you don’t need to google the “must visit places in xyz” place. You just find them if you keep your eyes open. We were on the way to Zemithang, a road side view.

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