The Travelling Tripod is the collection of short stories from the Indian subcontinent travel logs. A few extraordinary moments, cooked up fantasies and some radical philosophies of an ordinary tripod.

So what the hell is TravellingTripod?

Well, more appropriate word for the first introduction would be three-legged life. As the matter of fact, it can’t be a Bipod to keep the full balance to deal with gravity. Now when it comes to travelling, The tripod needs permanent memory device which is a camera but again to keep the balance and make the picture perfect it needs another tripod. You might say it’s lame shite, but you are absolutely right. So the Two tripods and I are the TravellingTripod and we are here to tell you some stories. I shall also try to take you back at the moment with help of the photographic memories to see that very moment in the past. hope you find them interesting.

– The TravelingTripod

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